We Are Waverly Carbon – Elena King Compliance Manager Q&A

May 2023


As part of our new quick Q&A series “We are Waverly Carbon” we are going behind-the-scenes to meet the valued team members that make Waverly Carbon the innovative, inclusive, and forward-thinking company that it is.

Meet Compliance Manager Elena King…

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

I moved to England in 1982 after studying Philippine Philology at Leningrad University. I have done a variety of roles since moving to England, but the majority have been working in systems management, which is something I really enjoy. Understanding and defining procedures and processes is an essential part of my job that fortunately I love and am good at after having gained more than 24 years of experience.

What is your role at Waverly Carbon?

I am the Compliance Manager at Waverly Carbon which means that I look after our business compliance of every kind. From health and safety, to legal, to standards and our permits, I ensure that we are meeting all the criteria that we are required to. Something I’m really proud to have been involved in was the recent achievement of our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Why did you want to work for Waverly Carbon?

I joined in September of last year (2022) having been approached about the role while I was visiting my daughter in Australia. It was actually my previous boss who saw the role and thought that it was something for which I would be perfect. When I looked at the job it really appealed to me as having a circular economy is something I believe in and the work that we do at Waverly really supports this.

I saw the role as a great challenge for me and something that would take me out of my comfort zone. Reducing waste is something that is close to my heart. I feel that as humans we throw too much away and create so much waste. It is not right for us, and it is not right for the planet. The opportunity to reuse waste tyres and operate within a business that is part of a ‘loop’ that gives new life to something that would otherwise be wasted was something I was very keen to be a part of.



Tell us about your role and what your average day involves?

I am an early starter, so on the days that I’m working on site you can usually find me at my desk by 7am. I start my day by checking for any legislative changes or updates that we might need to be aware of and feed that into our new integrated system before making sure we are on top of all the things we need to have in place. I have a detailed tracker that tells me everything that we need to do – my role is very varied, so no two days are ever the same.

Coffee is an essential part of the morning, but it must be proper coffee! So, I bring my own favourite Columbian coffee and cafetiere to work to enjoy throughout the day.

An essential part of my role is making sure that all team members are fully aware of our compliance requirements, and everything is communicated clearly. I lead any training that is required in this area and regularly touch base with Daniel (Waverly Carbon’s Co-Founder), David our Plant Manager and Oded our Technology Consultant to ensure that everything’s running as it should.

What is your favourite thing about working for Waverly Carbon?

Having worked for a large company before, I now really enjoy the collaborative nature of being part of a small but growing enterprise. Due to the fast growth of the business everyone is busy, with a lot of different things going on, but we make time to get together to ensure that we are all aware of the importance of our business compliance and to make sure everyone knows their individual roles and responsibilities.

What are you most excited about for the future of Waverly Carbon?

One of our key goals for 2023 was to achieve the certification of our management systems comprising ISO9001 and 14001 (Quality and Environmental). I am very happy to say that we achieved this certification in March with an impressive level of compliance that we’re really proud of. Our next goal is to combine all three of our management system standards (CMS, ISO9001 and 14001) into an integrated management system which will further help us structure and streamline our activities. We’re always looking for additional ways to move forward and deliver more for our customers and suppliers and it’s exciting that this really is only the start of our journey. These processes and certifications give our customers and suppliers extra confidence, safe in the knowledge that our operations are supported by regular audits as is our selection of suppliers. But of course, achieving the certification is only the start of our journey…

So what does the next 12 months hold?

A lot! We’re already working on developing and improving our management system even further, making sure we ‘live and breathe’ it in absolutely everything we do as a business. The opportunities to improve the sustainability side of our operations, with plans for lifecycle assessment development as just one example, is something we’re firmly setting our sights on next.

Plus the management system never stands still; we’re constantly improving and strengthening it. It requires the team to continue to work together to ensure we’re all pulling in the same direction. Hence gaining our certifications are only the start of the journey!

Tell us one interesting thing that your colleagues don’t know about you…

I don’t think many people know that when my family decided to move ‘up north’ 33 years ago (from Weymouth), we just stuck a pin in the map, and it landed on Melton Mowbray. Slightly unorthodox way of deciding on where to live.  I’ve lived here happily ever since, and I love the area. It is small and friendly. You often can’t walk down the street without someone saying “Hello”, which is something I really enjoy after previously living in big cities.

I am a huge rugby fan. The Leicester Tigers are my favourite team and I’ve supported them for over 20 years. Tigers will be with me always!

More about Elena

Elena is an experienced system manager having spent 25 years as a Quality manager, first in a small business, then in a large multinational company. She has introduced a quality system from scratch, implemented and maintained it, gaining and successfully maintaining ISO certification and helping the business bring about many positive changes. Working within an SME, Elena has acquired many useful skills and an understanding of engineering and administrative aspects, from using accounting software to understanding export administration and Incoterms.

In 2015 Elena joined a large manufacturing plant where she was responsible for resurrecting a lapsed quality system. Working within the Quality team she helped improve company performance by directing corrective action through extensive internal and external data analysis, problem solving and LEAN activities, and creating awareness of quality issues among the management team and operators.

Elena prides herself on promoting a solid H&S environment and awareness of environmental compliance, with a strong emphasis on management and operator involvement. She brings to Waverly Carbon a strong organisational mind and enthusiasm to help make Waverly management system a successful and useful framework for its activities.

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