Waverly Carbon Achieves Competence Management Standard

March 2021

A photo of carbon pellets

Waverly Carbon, Recovered Carbon Black (rCB) producer, announces it has been awarded the ‘Competence Management System – Energy & Utility Skills’ Scheme following an audit by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

The standard assessed Waverly’s ‘Acceptance, storage and processing of carbon char to produce recovered Carbon Black (rCB)’, providing affirmation of the company’s rigorous systems and commitment to turn char tyre waste into robust and reliable rCB.

“The use of rCB as a replacement to virgin carbon black across rubber, plastics and other sectors will not increase without companies like ours focusing on the way in which production is managed effectively. A reliable and consistent grade of rCB can only be achieved with comprehensive management systems and robust business assurance processes,” explained Dan Turner, Chief Executive, Waverly Carbon.

Reliable rCB production

With an environmental permit, Waverly Carbon is authorised to turn tyre waste product, pyrolysed raw char, into rCB which is suitable for many applications and uses. This green rCB product is converted from a waste material, into a sustainable environmentally friendly alternative to virgin carbon black.

“Many manufacturing sectors recognise the negative global impacts of virgin carbon black with its fossil fuel base, high energy production and significant CO2 emissions. rCB is the widely accepted alternative but supply has hampered adoption. Waverly has addressed these limitations head on, with a model that accepts feedstock from a range of sources, all thoroughly tested for quality, enabling us to scale on demand,” added Dan.

“Standardisation is critical. Testing feedstock to create a consistent product and a reliable delivery is central to our ethos. This competence standard highlights our dedication, across the whole team, to have the controls in place to effectively deliver a quality, sustainable rCB product.”

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