Press Release – UK’s only recovered carbon black producer Waverly Carbon achieves ISO 9001 AND 14001 certifications

June 2023

June 2023 

Press release


Waverly Carbon, the UK’s first and only producer of recycled or recovered carbon black (rCB), has achieved ISO certification for its quality and environmental management systems.

Upon receiving confirmation that the organisation’s management systems met the auditing criteria for both ISO 9001 and 14001, Co-Founder Daniel Turner said,

“We’re really proud to have our systems for both quality and environmental management certified in line with ISO 9001 and 14001. At Waverly Carbon we’ve always strived to deliver the best product, made from the best feedstock, for the best price, so that our customers can be confident that our rCB is consistent, reliable and the perfect sustainable alternative to traditional carbon black. Having the stringent processes and quality controls that make up our management systems formally certified gives our customers and suppliers another reason to choose Waverly Carbon.”

Waverly Carbon Compliance Manager Elena King said,

“It’s always been our goal to operate at the highest standards, and now our customers and suppliers have the added confidence of knowing that the Waverly Carbon management systems are externally certified. We are continuously improving to ensure our management systems support our stringent operations – from the selection of our suppliers, to the reliability of our production process, customers have the reassurance of knowing we’re regularly audited by the ISO certification authority which helps us to continue to exceed expectations.”

Waverly Carbon is proud to be the UK’s first and only producer of rCB since it was founded in 2020. Operating from its cutting-edge plant in Melton Mowbray, Waverly Carbon produces rCB from pyrolised tyre char in both powder and pellet form, offering manufacturers in the plastics, rubber and coatings industries a sustainable alternative to traditional carbon black. Its highest quality Emerald Grades can be used as a replacement or partial replacement (with high percentage substitution) for grades like carbon black N550 or total replacements for the N600, N700 and N900 series.

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