Meeting Recovered Carbon Black Quality and Volume Demands

March 2021


Usage of rCB remains low and market concerns over the reliability of supply volumes and consistency of rCB grades has hampered the move to wide-scale adoption.

Waverly Carbon has reinvented the rCB supply chain. By allowing tyre recyclers to utilise tyre pyrolysis, a superb recycling solution, we dedicate operations to the refining and precision engineering of others’ raw tyre char, at the volumes and consistent quality demanded by manufacturers from the plastics and rubber industry.

Mass consistent rCB production

Focusing purely on the production of rCB, using tyre char from a range of sources, Waverly Carbon is able to provide a stable supply; sourcing suitable raw material and being able to scale up volumes quickly in order to meet market demand. Our UK factory is able to produce up to five thousand tonnes and will add further capacity next year to satisfy market demand. We believe that with a focus on a single part of the supply chain we can swiftly expand operations in response to customer requirements, bringing an agility not seen elsewhere.

The significant numbers of pyrolysis operators who are potential suppliers, that are already in operation, means that Waverly Carbon can select the highest quality raw materials using robust selection criteria. Each feedstock has to undergo exhaustive laboratory testing, assessing the inherent suitability of the raw material. The end result is a high-quality sustainable product.

Rigorous rCB feedback criteria

Waverly Carbon does this by using rigorous testing to understand variation in feedstock and control production to deliver a consistent finished material. Sourcing raw material from carefully selected supply partners, our team of chemists and laboratory technicians carry out more than 25 different tests, across its four key testing regimes of feedstock evaluation, incoming raw material analysis, in line testing and finished product quality control.

We have put consistency of a quality output and stable production at the heart of Waverly’s operation. This includes significant capex investment on state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to satisfy ASTM testing needs ensuring customers can achieve their technical requirements.

We believe this obsessive approach to consistent and reliable rCB production, will finally allow the rubber, plastics and other industries, to improve the environmental footprint of their products, without compromise.

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